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Let's be consensual


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Joy DeMichelle, is the founder of Acting With Intimacy and Acting with Joy, Inc. Joy's work is committed to an antiracist, consent-based approach to acting which makes space for creatively free performances that honor the truth, history and cultural themes represented in the script. 

Participating actors learn to advocate, explore and apply a holistic methodology; that allows actors to self direct physical intimacy, emotional intimacy and or culturally charged moments. With boundaries, consent and choreography in place, I have fostered a new approach that supports creative wellbeing and increases the probability of actors reaching their full potential, while maintaining their dignity and self respect. This is a place where actors can create freely within their boundaries allowing them to "Live and Create Joyfully"!

If you are ready to bolster your creative well being, while accomplishing artistic challenges, Acting With Intimacy and Acting With Joy is for you.


Erica Gimpel

Actress / Director

"... I can’t say enough, except you will learn all the tools you will need to navigate a vulnerable scene. Joy will empower you with the tools to create boundaries, while expressing and revealing what you want for your character. I am grateful to have connected with Joy DeMichelle. "  more...

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