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Consensual storytelling


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The is a holistic approach to acting that helps actors amplify their voice, vision and vibrancy.  Actors will learn how to free their mind to act on instinct, while working within their boundaries and stretching to their full potential.


With the best practices for Acting With Intimacy in place, actors are equipped to apply those principles to scenes and start Acting With Joy.

Class Details

  • Scene & Monologue study

  • Character development 

  • Script analysis

  • Emotional & energy preparation

Class Dates: coming soon


Time: TBD


Workshop, Acting With Intimacy. 

This is NOT a beginning acting class. It requires, that in addition to the workshop Acting With Intimacy, the actor has prior training or performance experience. This class is mixed levels, suitable for intermediate to advanced students. Actors must be ready to explore the challenges of physical, psychological and emotionally charged material.

**  (Cancellation Policy) 

Location: TBD

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"Joy’s coaching and direction feels like the warmest blanket during a cold winter night. She instills an abundance of confidence in you while also gently helping you unlock the very things you need for your talent to soar."

David Alan Madrick, Actor

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