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With Creative Wellness

My mission is to provide artists with a comprehensive approach to creative wellness by effectively managing stress, igniting profound connections, allowing inner space to focus on their focus and unleashing untapped creativity.

Life in the entertainment industry can be filled with all sorts of pressure.  The "daily hustle and grind" of repeatedly bouncing back from self-judgement, career criticism, handling rejection, financial stresses, managing parenting and partnering relationships, staying "relevant", pressure to be better, find your next opportunity or simply "getting back into the game" can be daunting.  From time to time, this kind of scrutiny creeps into the subconscious affecting our ability to take action, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Stress, anxiety, and fear can often times leaving us feeling depressed or unsatisfied. The teachings of Bolster Your Joy, provides us with a system that brings awareness to what is happening in and around you, connect to your heart + body. Learn potent tools that connect us to ourselves, increases our capacity for growth and allows us to release whatever no longer serves our creative well being. It is a graceful and joyful way to engage in deliberate self-care and level up your human experience while bringing your creative visions to life.


With deep relaxation you will restore energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance.  In each session you will experience a state of well-being, peace, and harmony.  

Session Details

This tranquil practice is designed to help you manage stress and bolster your connection to self. With an effective blend of meditation, somatic movements, reiki, breath work, restorative setups, and essential oils; we will embark on a journey to restore, unleash and bolster your creative and personal joy.  

High stress can not only make us feel stuck, it can also result in depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors and substance abuse. Moreover, it can lead to headaches, fatigue, insomnia, stomach disorders, hypertension and high blood pressure.

In just one session you will experience deep relaxation + rejuvenation.


With a consistent practice we can preserve the ever aging brain, sleep better, release anxiety, improve concentration, strengthen our immune systems, cleanse toxins stored in the body and release thought patterns that are no longer useful for our well-being + peace.  

Bolstering Your Joy, will help you journey inward to enhance a  loving relationship with yourself, community and creative life.  

PRIVATE 1 : 1 (Virtual + In-person) sessions available

Group Class Dates: coming soon


Time: 90 minutes

Location: Los Angeles

Programs available for:

On-set gifts

Artist Retreats

Theatre Companies

Colleges & Universities

(Online or In-Person)

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