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Podcast series coming Nov. 15th

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Be empowered, see new possibilities and unleash your genius.

Founded by Joy DeMichelle, Unstoppable Joy is a platform providing holistic content that help us process, grow and heal from circumstances that impact the human experience.

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MY VISION is an inclusive multi-media platform that energizes our S.A.U.C.E. self-awareness, ambition, unity, creativity and empowerment. #UnstoppableJoy.

MY MISSION is to promote well being, nurture generational healing, ignite passion and bolster joy.


Podcast coming Nov. 15th

UNSTOPPABLE JOY PODCAST is a weekly heart to heart on the desires and struggles of humanity. With each episode, Joy D. creates a welcoming space that allows folks to be seen, heard and met with joy. 

Joy is open with her own struggles and life lessons. That’s why you’ll often hear her shift from current events and holistic tools, to her personal experiences as a mother, wife and daughter. No matter the obstacles you too can have #UnstoppableJoy.


Are you ready to go from underwhelmed to overjoyed?

Connect to community and experience #UnstoppableJoy!

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