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Podcast series coming Nov. 15th

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Be empowered, see new possibilities and unleash your genius.

Founded by Joy DeMichelle, Acting With Joy is a platform providing holistic content that helps actors process, grow and create.

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MY VISION is an inclusive multi-media platform that energizes our S.A.U.C.E. self-awareness, ambition, unity, creativity and empowerment.

MY MISSION is to promote well being, nurture and ignite the creative spirit.

Podcast coming Nov. 15th

ACTING WITH JOY PODCAST is a weekly heart to heart on the desires and struggles of actors. With each episode, Joy D. creates a welcoming space that allows folks to be seen, heard and met with joy. 

Joy is open with her own struggles and life lessons. That’s why you’ll often hear her shift from current events, to her personal experiences as a mother, wife, daughter and actress. No matter the obstacles you too can start Acting With Joy.

Learn to decompress, define and design art you love when you are  ACTING WITH JOY.
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Are you ready to go from underwhelmed to overjoyed?

Connect to community and experience #UnstoppableJoy!

​Unstoppable Joy, provides best practices for when life feels chaotic, unpredictable and overwhelming. At times we can feel powerless, stuck and anxious. Together we will disrupt the chaos, help you find clarity, fuel creative ideas and release your unique potential? 

You may be in a flow, but haven't unleashed what brings you joy.  Many of us know what to do, but continue to play small, question ourselves, worry about the opinions of others or wait for the so-called "perfect time". What's holding you back ... fear?  It's o.k. to feel fear, but it's not ok to be frozen in fear.


With UNSTOPPABLE JOY you will gain clarity, commit to yourself, surpass limiting beliefs and build your dreams.  This is a place for artists to clarify their soul desires.  You will be energized and practically bursting with ideas to build a blueprint for the life you desire.


  • Disrupt mental chatter and emotional chaos.

  • Take a deep dive to discover, define and design your hearts desire.

  • Generate new ideas that stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone.

  • Overcome blocks and take action toward accomplishing clear measurable goals.

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