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Live & Create Joyfully

Bolster Joy, is a transformational self-healing program built for women and creative professionals of all ages

who are ready to re-write their narrative and re-design their lives.

The world is changing on a daily basis and the everyday life of being a woman and a creative can be overwhelming.  


  • Do you desire to design a life that brings you joy?

  • Are you juggling schedules, repeatedly bouncing back from self-judgement, criticism, rejection, pressure to be better or as good as your last best version of yourself?

  • Do you need help managing relationships?

  • Are you simply desiring to level up?  

From time to time subconscious thoughts can affect your ability to be present, feel empowered and take action. 

I can help you move forward!

This is a time of self-discovery where many people are questioning what they have been doing and will continue to do with their lives.  Acting With Joy is an integrative, transformative program that guides you in exploring your truth, clarifying your vision, creating a new narrative, building your professional dreams.

Become consistently effective in freeing yourself from what holds you back.  If you are  frustrated, unhappy and longing for something more, this is for you.


Like most people in the entertainment industry - stress had become a part of my life.  The  "Hollywood Hustle" had begun to show up in my life through anxiety, insecurity, frustration, physical pain, a quiet sadness and a general feeling of being "stuck" began to linger in my subconscious.  


I had to acknowledge these feelings and make self-care a priority to discover the joy that I truly desired.  After a journey of deep self-discovery and self-care, I discovered profound relaxation and clarity that restored my sense of purpose and cultivated my greatest joy. I have found that the key to most difficulties is self-love. 


After my personal journey of going from overwhelmed to overjoyed, I subsequently became an advocate for heart-centered living, and now I share these tools with others.


As a working mom, actress and coach, I found myself organically blending the three – sharing insights of integrated zen wellness with other mothers, my acting colleagues and industry professionals.  I am thrilled to offer my services to others that are ready to be Happy and Healthy in Hollywood.

We will explore how your mindset, beliefs, emotions, and energy are impacting and creating the quality of your life.  High stress can result in depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors and substance abuse. Moreover, it can lead to headaches, fatigue, insomnia, stomach disorders, hypertension and high blood pressure.  I will support you in building a strong, loving and positive relationship with yourself.  


Are you ready to GET CRYSTAL CLEAR and live a joyfilled Life?


Take this 90 Day journey to define, design, test, and build your dreams.


Together we will plant, cultivate, and weed the soil to give the seed of your joy the very best chance of growing into the life you have imagined! 



  • Design your life, by clarifying your dreams, unleash your creativity and take action toward your desires.

  • Utilize soul-care and sustainable tools to help you to release anxiety, manage stress and quiet fear, while clearing a space to open your heart, to tap into the joy of your true self. 

  • Bring awareness and release the deep muscular patterns of stress and tension to create deep, brilliant work.

  • Discover whether your dream is right for you.

  • Lay your claim to your sense of deserving.

  • Attract what is required to build your heart's dream.

  • Create a support system.

  • Bolster Your Joy!




Bolster Joy is a 90 day one on one customized program to address your life and creative career concerns.  We discuss work, desires and  your current life habits. Over the course of our working together, you will restore, blueprint and take action on your dreams.   I will guide you through exercises that support your wellbeing and teach you tools to design your life in the most powerful way possible.

It is all about creating a powerful support system for the results you want. 

Treat yourself to the care you deserve as you deep dive into that sacred place where your creativity and desires meet. From this space you will feel strong, calm and free to move forward as you live  + create joyfully.


Are you ready to say YES to a Bigger Life?


Set up your FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION and intro to Bolster Joy®




"There is no one I trust more to help me get out of the mire of myself then Joy DeMichelle.  Joy asks the questions that you have trouble answering, and makes sure your journey is worthwhile. "


​​"Joy is one of the most insightful, positive minded forces I have run across in my very full life. Her ability to listen, take in the entire situation, extend her wisdom and guide you to areas you may not have even been aware of is extraordinary. If you are fortunate enough to be in her, attention, care or orb, consider yourself very fortunate - and be prepared to grow."


"Joy inspires all that are drawn to her to find and live their highest vision 

of their life."

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