Storytelling + self-healing

is a revolutionary act.

-Joy DeMichelle

Actress, Storyteller, Reiki Practitioner & Self Healing Facilitator 
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Breathing life into stories

& exploring the human experience on all platforms.


I am committed to helping you find clarity in chaos while building your dreams.

Bolster Your Joy

Joy Acts

Reiki Joy®  eases stress and negative thought patterns that often occur as a result of life experiences, choices, stressful career, work/life balance by balancing your energy.  You now those moments when  you can't shake a feeling or your thoughts seem to be taking over?  Reiki Joy can help with  a relaxation technique that will allow you to release, recalibrate and ignite  your body's natural healing process. 


Reiki has the capacity to reduce pain, promote mental clarity and an overall sense of well being. 

Reiki is a a well researched system of alternative health care that can be easily utilized as a compliment to any Western or Eastern Treatment with countless benefits.


Bolster Your Joy®, will teach you tools to calm your body, unpack your cluttered mind, find clarity, create from your heart, follow through and manifest your dreams.  


No matter where you are in your life, whether you are receiving recognition or looking for representation, leading a crew, creating content, or strategizing your next move as a mom, artist, career woman or empty nester you deserve to be happy. 

Learn to release anxiety, improve your focus, release thought patterns that are no longer useful for your creativity, well-being and lifestyle, while moving forward in your day to day life with sustainable inspired action toward a happy healthy creative career.

live + create joyfully



The thing I love most about

acting is that through imagination I can raise consciousness, create

awareness, change narratives

and bring joy.  

I am thrilled to share tools that have helped me break cycles and experience deep profound joy.

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