Life can feel chaotic, unpredictable and overwhelming. At times we can feel powerless, stuck and anxious. Together we will disrupt the chaos, help you find clarity, fuel creative ideas and release your unique potential? 

You may be in a flow, but haven't unleashed what brings you joy.  Many of us know what to do, but continue to play small, question ourselves, worry about the opinions of others or wait for the so-called "perfect time". What's holding you back ... fear of failure!

It's o.k. to feel fear, but it's not ok to be frozen in fear. With UNSTOPPABLE JOY you will gain clarity, commit to yourself, surpass limiting beliefs and build your dreams.

decompress, define and design a life you love. 
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My Promise To You:

Together we will clarify your soul desires.  You will be energized and practically bursting with ideas.  And you will have a blueprint to create the life you desire.




  • Ease physical discomfort and disrupt emotional chaos.

  • Take a deep dive to discover, define and design your hearts desire.

  • Generate new ideas that stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone.

  • Overcome blocks and take action toward accomplishing clear measurable goals.

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 Joy brings calm and clarity to the chaos

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Relaxation, rejuvenation and clarity.

Stress, anxiety, and fear can drive you into fight or flight, leaving us with the pressures of life. During your session, we will address the classic symptoms associated with stress, anxiety and fear. When our energy is depleted, we have a tendency to feel stressed, sad and ill. Both powerful and gentle, this holistic approach helps to release congested energy allowing your space for your desired transformation. 

1:1 Private & Group Sessions Available

These embodied practices are customized to restore wellbeing and relaxation by:

  • improving circulation 

  • decreasing swelling

  • stretching tight muscles

  • improving digestion 

  • releasing stress

Together, we will BOLSTER YOUR JOY with clarity, stress reduction and  wellness.


The impact of Joy

​​"Joy is one of the most insightful, positive minded forces I have run across in my very full life. I found her eye, ear and esthetic on the money .  I look forward to continuing our work.  If you are fortunate enough to work with her, consider yourself blessed - and be prepared to grow."

"Joy inspires all that are drawn to her to find and live their highest vision 

of their life.  I felt great after one session and now it is a consistent practice.  Many people have personal trainers for fitness, she is my personal trainer for creativity and joy!"


"There is no one I trust more to help me get out of the mire of myself then Joy DeMichelle.  Joy helps me to relax, get into my body and out of my head.  She gets to the challenging questions that I avoid asking and answering myself.  Her work is superb!"

"Whether I 'm home or in a creative environment, JOY supports me in managing my stress, overcoming my blocks and bringing my health into balance. This work helps me to feel capable, empowered and happy!"  

educator + mother 


actress, business owner
+ mother