Bringing calm in the chaos.

Through deep relaxation and intentional nutrition we can restore the bodies natural healing process. 

Our personal and professional lives can be filled with pressures of the "daily hustle and grind" of life. Many of us have found that repeatedly bouncing back from self-judgement, career criticism, handling rejection, parenting, partnering, financial stress, challenges of staying "relevant", pressure to be better, or as good as your last best project while creating the next opportunity can be overwhelming.  From time to time, this kind of scrutiny creeps into your subconscious affecting your ability to be present, feel empowered, stand out and live the life you desire.


When we address the classic symptoms associated with stress and anxiety we open the portal to a healthy living.​  When our energy is depleted, we have a tendency to feel stressed, sad and ill.  Both powerful and gentle, Reiki directs energy, raises vibrational levels while opening blocked channels.  Reiki facilitates a deep cleansing of toxins stored in the body, and a release of feelings and thought patterns that are no longer useful for your personal joy.

​​Reiki Joy can assist you in...​

  • Mindfully processing major life stressors.

  • Releasing creative blocks and sharpening mental clarity.

  • Moving past limiting beliefs and disempowering behavior patterns.

  • Restoring energies and immune systems that have become weak or disturbed. 

  • With consistent practice you will experience a state of well-being, peace and harmony.  

  • Enhancing performances and increase productivity

  • Feeling revived, refreshed and recalibrated on a cellular level.

Cast & Crew Reiki

UZIT is an integrative practice that promotes: rest, ease, energy, focus and joy.


1:1 Private Session

These private customized embodied self-care practices combine various modalities that consist of mindful movements that  improves circulation, decreases swelling, stretches tight muscles, improves digestion and respiration, resulting in deep relaxation.  Reiki is used to help balance the human bio field; breath awareness, meditation, aromatherapy and contemplative care practices reduces negative emotions, increases creativity and promotes patience.

Together, we will direct your energy to

flow with and not against you.

Kind words about Joy.



​​"Joy is one of the most insightful, positive minded forces I have run across in my very full life. I found her eye, ear and esthetic on the money .  I look forward to continuing our work.  If you are fortunate enough to work with her, consider yourself blessed - and be prepared to grow."


"Joy inspires all that are drawn to her to find and live their highest vision 

of their life.  I felt great after one session and now it is a consistent practice.  Many people have personal trainers for fitness, she is my personal trainer for creativity and joy!"


"There is no one I trust more to help me get out of the mire of myself then Joy DeMichelle.  Joy helps me to relax, get into my body and out of my head.  She gets to the challenging questions that I avoid asking and answering myself.  Her work is superb!"

"Whether I 'm home or in a creative environment, JOY supports me in managing my stress, overcoming my blocks and bringing my health into balance. This work helps me to feel capable, empowered and happy!"