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Oftentimes, actors are offered the gift and challenge of bringing intimate scenes to life, and without proper measures in place this leaves potential for their personal and creative boundaries being violated.

Acting With Intimacy, is an introduction to approaching scenes that include: kissing, nudity, partial nudity, racially/culturally charged content, LGBTQ+ concerns, simulated sex with consent and boundaries.  Actors no longer have to “go along to get along”.

Actors will learn ways to feel safe and empowered when saying “yes” to intimate scenes.



  • Empowering yourself with boundaries and consent from audition to production.

  • Approaching intimate scenes in a collaborative way.

  • How to advocate for your personal, professional and cultural boundaries.

  • Finding support from your unions.

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Actors are often times asked to embody and or imagine behavior that is rooted in traumatic and or racially charged circumstances that can linger after the moment of creative inspiration. These experiences can leave a negative impact on our personal lives.

Acting With Joy, is a system that allows the actor to access, embody, then release the energy, characteristics and imagined circumstances of the character to come back into ones own body. 

The body doesn't know the difference between real and imagined trauma. Some actors start to conflate the characters stress with their own stress creating a combustible internal environment that can impact ones mental health.

Enhance your craft by learning to:

  • Release from heightened emotion.

  • Reconnect to yourself by cutting the cord between you and the character.

  • Presence the greatest version of you.

  • Overcome challenges and take your work to the next level.

Acting With Joy, also teaches how to holistically embody the complex behavior of the characters given circumstances with vivid imagination, stamina, vitality and consent. 



UZIT is an embodied integrative practice that promotes: rest, ease, energy, focus and joy.  UZIT consists of mindful movements that improves circulation, decreases swelling, stretches tight muscles, improves digestion and respiration, resulting in deep relaxation.  Reiki is used to help balance the human bio field; breath awareness, meditation, aromatherapy and contemplative care practices reduces negative emotions, increases creativity and promotes patience.

By activating the parasympathetic nervous system and calming the sympathetic nervous system, this holistic integrative approach allows the body to experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation. When we address the classic symptoms associated with stress and anxiety we balance stress and open the portal to healthy creativity.


  • Relax and Rest deeply.

  • Discover ease and explore blocks

  • Restoring energy.  

  • Enhance mental focus and creativity.

  • Experience a much needed time out that provides space for joy by recalibrating on a cellular level.