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Circle of Joy®

A place to explore, unpack and heal.

Circle of Joy® offers an integrative holistic healing space for Black women and those that want to lock arms with us to explore the intersection of race and womanhood in America.  We invite you to join us in a safe space to unpack difficult conversations, manage anxiety and face fears while redefining ourselves and our communities.


2020 has been a very trying year that has revealed a lot of ugly truths about America that most Black people have quietly endured over the years.  I am so grateful for the gift of intimacy and connection that I and my circle of diverse friends share, and I have decided to open my circle to other creatives that crave this kind of sacred exchange.  It is my souls desire to promote healing and bolster joy in my community.

What is the Circle of Joy?®   gatherings dedicated to providing support, creating unity, restoring wholeness of our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being disrupted by the stresses of life and systemic racism.  The Circle of Joy® is a virtual safe space where we can relax, restore, connect and share our unique life experiences.  The Circle of Joy® acknowledges that we are not defined by our differences but rather our commonalities.  While in the circle we commit to honoring the truths of ourselves and others.

The Circle of Joy® is currently free of charge.

What happens in the Circle of Joy®






Powerful Healing Dialogue

Deep Profound Discoveries

Love + Inspiration + Support

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