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YOU have the power to

Bolster Your Joy

Joy DeMichelle, has a transformational holistic approach to wellness and creativity that integrates ancient wisdom and modern wellness.  This is a system that bolsters healing, living and creating joyfully.

Life in the entertainment industry can be filled with all sorts of pressure.  The "daily hustle and grind" of repeatedly bouncing back from self-judgement, career criticism, handling rejection, financial stresses, managing parenting and partnering relationships, staying "relevant", pressure to be better, or as good as your last best performance while creating the next opportunity can be overwhelming.  From time to time, this kind of scrutiny creeps into your subconscious affecting your ability to take action, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Stress, anxiety, and fear can drive you into fight, flight, freeze or fawn; often times leaving you feeling depressed, unsatisfied or stuck.  The teachings of Bolster Your Joy, can help you identify the chaos in your body and make recommendations to optimize your wellbeing.  After years of experience as an integrative healing arts therapist, reiki practitioner, transformational life coach, professional actress, and family woman  -  I am thrilled to provide you with tools to successfully break through the mental chatter, create inner space and bolster your joy.  

  • utilize Tools for self actualization that clarify, blueprint and ignite your creative vision.


  • Balance your energy and emotional well being to the frequency of your desires.


  • get Personalized reports and data to guide medical doctors in your health care journey.

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When our energy is depleted, we have a tendency to feel stressed, sad, creatively blocked, mentally stuck and ill.  With holistic care and healthy frequencies we can decrease stress, free our minds and support our bodies.

Group Sessions Available

Cast & Crew Gifts
Corporate Events
Theatre Companies
Colleges & Universities


“Everything is vibration. Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” — Albert Einstein

AO Scan™ Technology is truly one-of-a-kind and changing the way people approach their health. 

The old model of receiving quantum biofeedback is going to a practitioner who spent $40,000 or more on computer technology and years learning how to use it. You’d pay $300 for a session, receive healing frequencies during your visit and recommendations based on your data. We’re grateful for these practitioners who invested time and money passionately being stewards for frequency technology. These were the pioneers who paved the way for the AO Scan, which also was once the size of a computer in its earlier days! 

The scans empower you with information to be more in tune with your body and its frequencies. 

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INNER VOICE SCAN (Balance Emotions, Support Nervous System & Reduce Stress)


Your personal voice analysis records over 2,000 frequencies spanning 12 octaves (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B) looking for the four octaves that are most out of balance. The top three frequencies are the ones where your emotions are overcompensating and the lowest one is the emotion you’re burying or suppressing.


The analysis identifies specific disruptions in the voice tone, pitch, and pattern to determine emotional imbalances, which cause stress that negatively impacts your nervous system. When this happens the body systems begin to have disruptions, which cause “dis-eases” and chronic conditions.


The INNER-VOICE delivers to you by email a 7-page report including your customized Balancing Harmonics music therapy audio files, Chakra report, Meridian report, Lightwave Optical Glasses report and a supplement recommendation list based on your voice analysis. 

Recalibrate your mindset, access creative joy and restore balance to unhealthy frequencies in your body.


​​"Joy is one of the most insightful, positive minded forces I have run across in my very full life. I found her eye, ear and esthetic on the money .  I look forward to continuing our work.  If you are fortunate enough to work with her, consider yourself blessed - and be prepared to grow."

Monnae M. /Actress & Business Owner

"Joy inspires all that are drawn to her to find and live their highest vision of their life.  I felt great after one session and now it is a consistent practice.  Many people have personal trainers for fitness, she is my personal trainer for creativity and joy!"

Lisa O. /  Writer

"There is no one I trust more to help me get out of the mire of myself then Joy DeMichelle.  Joy helps me to relax, get into my body and out of my head.  She gets to the challenging questions that I avoid asking and answering myself.  Her work is superb!"

Sandra P. / Actress & Mom

 "She helps me get out of my own way.  Her wisdom and guidance is on point. She helped me to clarify and blueprint my vision. I pushed passed my fears and I am living my dreams.

Joyce L / Director & Producer

“Joy begets joy! She creates a grounded, intentional, safe space for me to release, heal and grow. I’ve experienced a clarity I hadn’t known prior to my sessions with Joy. She bolsters my wellbeing, and does so with great intuition, compassion and light. She is truly transformational.”   

Kaitlyn B. /  Actress

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