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​The life of an actor can be filled with all sorts of pressure.  The "daily hustle and grind" of working survival jobs, repeatedly bouncing back from self-judgement, career criticism, handling rejection, parenting, partnering, financial stresses, challenges of staying "relevant", pressure to be better, or as good as your last best performance while creating the next opportunity can be overwhelming.  From time to time, this kind of scrutiny creeps into your subconscious affecting your ability to be present,  feel empowered, stand out and deliver the performances you desire.

As artists we concretize profound human characteristics + circumstances that can live with us long after they are no longer of service to our creative lives.

I teach techniques that guide actors to holistically embody the complex behavior of the characters given circumstances with vivid imagination, stamina, vitality and consent.  Actors will also learn a self-care practice that allows them to disengage from the life of the characters traumatic circumstances, reset and reconnect to themselves.

No matter where you are in your creative career, whether you are winning nominations, receiving recognition or looking to get your first agent, you deserve to #LIVEANDCREATEJOYFULLY!

Even though the entertainment industry is transforming to be more inclusive it is still saturated with ism's.  Many of us face ageism, sizeism, colorism, sexism and of course racism - leaving us feeling as if we are stuffed in a box of fear and self doubt.  Together, we will unpack the layers,  go deep and reveal limitless possibilities.

I have an unconventional approach, which is steeped in years of studying human behavior, the craft of acting and holistic healing practices.  I don’t believe in a one size fits all coaching program. I listen, ask questions, and challenge you to reconnect to the greatest version of you.  


As an acting coach, Joy brings her experience as a working actor, teaching artist, certified life coach, reiki facilitator to each session.

She has followed her deep calling to share tools that brings her calm in the chaos, These tools allow the artist to prepare, build and development the character in a safe container.   She is passionate about helping actors LIVE + CREATE JOYFULLY.

Joy is also studied and qualified in Meisner, Laban, Williamson Technique, breath work,   meditation, Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, Transformational Life Coach,  Usui Reiki System and Restorative Yoga.

Because now is the time to disrupt the chaos, recalibrate your mindset, unleash your creativity, live and create joyfully.


1:1 Private Audition

On Set Coaching

Take your work to the next level and bring your very best to your audition. Together we will explore the script, deep dive into your imagination and come up with dynamic discoveries - allowing you to make new captivating character choices.

Learn to relax, develop your craft and fully embody the role.

Your audition is a performance. Learn to take care of your instrument and deliver vibrant performances.


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